Why Vote for
Paula Hope?

The TBM Council of 2018-2022 will be making critical decisions which will impact the area for decades.

It is crucial that TBM residents elect a Council that is ready to take leadership and create a vision for the future that taps into all of the opportunities offered by the good fortune of its natural setting and its resulting business opportunities.

Smart Growth at TBM is very important to Paula.

Paula is dedicated to making sure that the future growth in The Town of Blue Mountains (TBM) will be an intelligent balance between its natural beauty and its dynamic future.

Being a Team Player at TBM

It takes 4 members of the 7 member TBM Council to pass motions that will lead to the balanced approach between progress and preservation that community members are seeking for their Town.

Teamwork on Council is the only way to achieve these goals and to address the financial inequality between the Town and Grey County. A natural team player, Paula enjoys working with others to make the difficult and right decisions.

Values-Based Leadership

Strong leaders on Council, working together, make the right strategic decisions on behalf of their residents.

All successful leaders must have clear values by which they live and act. Paula’s values are Truth, Integrity, Excellence, Personal Growth and Heart. Her lifelong commitment is to live by these values and to be governed by them at all times for the greater good.